Pocket Type Match Safes
PMAD-001 Fireman's Fund Insurance
PMAD-002 Wetherill & Brother
PMAD-003 Aetna Dynamite
Art Forms
Art Nouveau, Aesthetic, Rococo, etc...
PMAF-001 Dancing Lady
PMAF-002 The Syrene
PMAF-003 Nouveau Lady
PMAF-004 Devil and Snakes
PMAF-005 Horse Design
PMAF-006 Art Nouveau Flowers
PMAF-007 Art Nouveau Lady Drinking & Smoking
PMAF-008 Temptation of St. Anthony
PMAF-009 Cherub Faces
PMAF-010 Gorham Nudes
PMAF-011 Art Nouveau "Straight" Decoration
PMAF-012 Enameled Floral Decoration
PMAF-013 Mermaid and Sailor
PMAF-014 Art Nouveau Lady Smoking
PMAF-015 Art Nouveau Lady Toasting and Smoking
PMAF-016 Art Nouveau Nude with Stars
PMAF-017 Art Nouveau Lady with Flowers
PMAF-018 Art Nouveau Lady with Flower Motif
PMAF-019 Art Nouveau Lady
PMAF-020 Art Nouveau Lady Wearing Helmet
PMAF-021 Art Nouveau Standing Lady
PMAF-022 Art Nouveau Owl Motif
PMAF-023 Hippocampus Mythological Motif
PMAF-024 Art Nouveau Victorian Style
PMAF-025 Art Nouveau Clown Motif
PMAF-026 Straight Art Nouveau
PMAF-027 Straight Art Nouveau
PMAF-028 Straight Art Nouveau with Cigar Cutter
PMAF-029 Straight Art Nouveau
PMAF-030 Floral Art Nouveau
PMAF-031 Charles Dickens
PMAF-032 Chilly Cherubs by Unger Bros.
PMAF-033 Oxidized Design
PMAF-034 Tracery Niello Motif
PMAF-035 Stylized Dolphin
PMAF-036 Aesthetic Motif
Education, Gambling, Literature, Nudes, Risqué, etc...
PMAT-001 Bill Stumps, His Mark
Notable People, Politician, Royalty, etc...
PMB-001 Coronation Matched Set
PMB-002 Karelian Birch Russian Combination Cigarette Case & Vesta
PMB-003 Crystal Palace Collie Show Award Presentation
PMB-004 Shotgun Shell Presentation
PMB-005 St. Bernard Dog Show Award Presentation
PMB-006 WWI Souvenir Match Safe
PMB-007 Continental Matches/Edwin Gould
PMB-008 Head of Greek Man
PMB-009 Teddy Roosevelt Vice President, 1901
PMSE-001 England vs Australia Cricket Match
PMSE-002 Nude on Shoreline
PMSE-003 "A La Mer" Children Playing on the Seashore
PMSE-004 Lovers and Cherubs
PMSE-005 French Mailbox "Cupid and Lovers"
PMSE-006 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Kings Royal Rifle Corps Trooper
PMSE-007 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Life Guards Royal Horse Artillery Trooper
PMSE-008 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Seaforth Highlanders Trooper
PMSE-009 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Eighth Hussars Trooper
PMSE-010 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Seventeenth Lancers Trooper
PMSE-011 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Volunteer Battalion of a Line Infantry Regiment Trooper
PMSE-012 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Kings Royal Rifle Corps Trooper
PMSE-013 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Royal Scots Greys Trooper
PMSE-014 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Scots Guard Trooper
PMSE-015 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Cameroonians (British Rifles) Trooper
PMSE-016 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Brigade of Guards (Grenadiers) Trooper
PMSE-017 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Gordon Highlanders Trooper
PMSE-018 Sampson Mordan Sentry Guard - Fifth Irish Lancers Trooper
PMSE-019 Enamel Rothschild Racing Vesta
PMSE-020 Enamel Pansy Flower
PMSE-021 Fred Archer Derby Rider
PMSE-022 Red Enameled Cigarette Case with Vesta
PMSE-023 Enameled Medieval Portrait
PMSE-024 Egyptian Motif
PMSE-025 Sampson Mordan Stagecoach Motif
PMSE-026 Mosaic Design
PMSE-027 Butterfly Motif
PMSE-028 Billiards Motif
PMSE-029 Liberty & Co. Design
PMSE-030 Signal Flags, Mother-of-Pearl Panel
PMSE-031 Signal Flags
PMSE-032 Nudes at Stream's Edge
PMSE-033 Standing Nude
PMSE-034 NY Yacht Club Pennant
PMSE-035 Nude at Water's Edge
PMSE-036 Floral Repousse' Enhanced with Enameling
PMSE-037 Hunting Scene
PMSE-038 Swastika Motif
PMSE-039 Perpetual Calendar
PMSE-040 Paris Exposition
PMSE-041 Man Smoking Dutch Pipe
PMSE-042 Golfer
PMSE-043 Golfer
PMSE-044 "Southwestern America" Motif
PMSE-045 Enameled Squares
PMSE-046 Champagne Bottle, Glass and Cigarettes
PMSE-047 Palmer Cox Brownie Characters
PMSE-048 Horse Head Motif
PMSE-049 Hunter in Boat with Dog and Gun
PMSE-050 Golf Motif
PMSE-051 Golf Motif
PMSE-052 American and Yugoslavian Flags
PMSE-053 Scribner's Magazine Motif
PMSE-054 Lavender Basse Taille Motif
PMSE-055 Sentry Match Safe Identification Chart
Figural & Novelty
PMFN-001 Snake #1
PMFN-002 Snake #2
PMFN-003 Dog's Head with Real Fur
PMFN-004 Gauntlet
PMFN-005 Figural Leg w/shoe
PMFN-006 Enameled Pencil
PMFN-007 Figural Skull with Snakes
PMFN-008 Scientific American Newspaper
PMFN-009 Figural Boar and Whistle Combination
PMFN-010 Figural Dog's Head
PMFN-011 Figural Frog
PMFN-012 Figural French Clown
PMFN-013 Figural Silver Bar
PMFN-014 Figural Face with Large Tongue
PMFN-015 King Richard
PMFN-016 Figural Golf Bag
PMFN-017 Figural Pen Knife, Gorham
PMFN-018 Figural Blue Point Crab Claw, Gorham
PMFN-019 President Benjamin Harrison
PMFN-020 President Grover Cleveland, Leather Collar
PMFN-021 President Grover Cleveland
PMFN-022 President Ulysses S. Grant
PMFN-023 President William McKinley
PMSG-001 Diamond Set Hand
PMSG-002 Gold Quartz - Jeweled Indian
PMSG-003 Gold Quartz - Commemorative
PMSG-004 Gold Quartz - Horseshoe Shaped
PMSG-005 Gold Quartz - Geometric Design
PMSG-006 Gold Quartz - Horseshoe w/ Jockey Hat
PMSG-007 Gold Quartz - George Washington
PMSG-008 Gold Quartz - Geometric Squares
PMSG-009 Gold Quartz - Geometric Triangle & Oval Design
PMSG-010 Gold Quartz - Geometric Birthday Presentation
PMSG-011 Gold Quartz - Geometric Crosses White & Pink
PMSG-012 Gold Quartz - Geometric Squares White & Pink
PMSG-013 Gold Quartz - Oval & Diamond
PMSG-014 Gold Quartz - Geometric with Scrollwork
PMSG-015 Gold Quartz - Geometric with Engraving
PMSG-016 Gold Quartz - Geometric Diamond Shape
PMSG-017 Spanish Damascene Conquistador Set
PMSG-018 Spanish Damascene
PMSG-019 Spanish Damascene by Alverez
PMSG-020 Gold Quartz with Enameling
PMSG-021 Gold with Mining Motif
PMSG-022 Gold with Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire
PMSG-023 Gold with Sapphires
PMSG-024 Gold with Ribbon Set in Diamonds
PMSG-025 Gold with Elephant plus Diamond and Ruby
PMSG-026 Gold with Diamonds and Amethyst
PMSG-027 Gold Bands on Sterling
PMSG-028 Dragon Motif with Gems
Natural Sciences
Animals, Birds, Fish, etc...
PMNS-001 Snake #1
PMNS-002 Cobra Snake #2
PMNS-003 Bird Motif
PMNS-004 Snake Motif
PMNS-005 Snake Motif
PMNS-006 Cobra Motif
PMNS-007 Dolphin/Fish Motif
PMNS-008 Monkey Motif
PMNS-009 Hidden Photo with Owl
PMNS-010 Butterfly and Stylized Design
PMNS-011 Branch and Crane Motif
PMNS-012 Dog Chasing Rabbit
PMNS-013 Bison and Insect
PMNS-014 Butterfly and Flowers
PMNS-015 Gilted Catfish
PMNS-016 Multi-Colored Fishing Motif
PMNS-017 Maple Leaf and Insect
PMNS-018 Birds and Flowers
PMNS-019 Bronze Maple Leaf and Insect
PMO-001 Japanese Samurai Warrior
PMO-002 Egyptian Motif
PMO-003 Japanese Lacquerware
PMO-004 Japanese Lacquerware
PMO-005 Komai Dragon Motif
PMO-006 Komai Oriental Village/Bird Motif
PMO-007 Komai Oriental Village/Bird Motif
PMO-008 Japanese Lacquerware
PMO-009 Figural Cat with Raised Paw
PMO-010 Figural Cat with Rabbit
PMO-011 Figural Cat and Dog Combination
PMO-012 Figural Bat
PMO-013 Figural Fat Cat with Rat
PMO-014 Figural Monkey Wearing Vest
PMO-015 Japanese Cloisonné w/ Floral Decoration
PMO-016 Figural Owl Holding Rat
PMO-017 Japanese Dragon by Komai
PMO-018 Figural Monkey with Fly on Leg
PMO-019 Figural Monkey Holding Fruit
PMO-020 Figural Monkey Wearing Hat and Holding Fan
PMO-021 Figural Monkey with Flowers in Basket
PMO-022 Japanese Domestic Type
PMO-023 Japanese Mask or Face
PMO-024 Figural Rat
PMO-025 Figural Reclining Elephant
PMO-026 Figural Cat Playing a Shamisen
PMO-027 Figural Cat with Raised Paw
PMO-028 Figural Cat with Rat
PMO-029 Figural Swan
PMO-030 Figural Tanoki
PMO-031 Figural Cat in Crouched Position
PMO-032 Figural Cat with Raised Paw
PMO-033 Figural Cat and Dog Combination
PMO-034 Figural Cicada
PMO-035 Asian Man Smoking
PMO-036 Japanese Man Smoking a Pipe
PMO-037 Aesthetic Japanese Motif
PMO-038 Dog Under Pumus Tree
PMO-039 Sword Ware with Monkey Motif
PMO-040 Sword Ware with Pond Motif and Boats
PMO-041 Sword Ware with Horse and Men Motif
PMO-042 Sword Ware, Cows in Pasture
PMO-043 Sword Ware, Oriental Figures
PMO-044 Figural Rabbit
PMO-045 Figural Japanese Dog, Inu Hariko
PMO-046 Figural Cicada
PMO-047 Silver with Enameled Flowers and Dragon Fly
PMO-048 Silver with Enameled Flowers and Butterfly
PMO-049 Japanese "Rooster" Motif w/ Foliage
PMO-050 Figural Cat Holding Rabbit
PMO-051 Sword Ware, Floral Motif
PMO-052 Gorham, Copper/SS, Asian Lady w/ Parasol
PMO-053 Gorham, Asian Man Smoking Pipe
PMO-054 Gorham, Asian Man Holding Fan
Social Movements
Clubs, Fairs, Fraternal, Religion, Unions, etc...
PMSM-001 Veiled Prophet - St. Louis, Mo.
PMSM-002 B.P.O.E. Elks
PMSM-003 Masonic Working Tools
PMSM-004 Roundy Match Safe
PMSM-005 B.P.O.E. Elk's Tooth
PMSM-006 American Electrical Works
PMSM-007 Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Association, 1907
Western Themes
PMW-001 Native American Indian Chief - 1
PMW-002 Native American Indian Chief - 2
PMW-003 Native American Indian Chief - 3
PMW-004 Cowboy with Lariat
PMW-005 Indian Quiver, Gorham
PMW-006 Native American Indian Chief - 4
PMW-007 Native American Indian Chief - 5
PMW-008 Native American Indian Chief/Pan American Expo
PMW-009 Native American Indian Chief - 6
PMW-010 Native American Indian/Corn Stalks
PMW-011 Native American Indian/Buffalo/Niagara Falls - 1
PMW-012 Native American Indian/Buffalo/Niagara Falls - 2
PMW-013 Native American Indian Chief - 7
PMW-014 Native American Indian Chief - 8
PMW-015 Native American Indian Chief - 9
PMW-016 Native American Indian Chief - 10
PMW-017 Native American Indian Chief with Bow & Arrow
PMW-018 Native American Indian Chief - 11
PMW-019 Native American Indian Chief - 12
PMW-020 Cowboy on Horseback with Rifle
PMW-021 Cowboy Riding Horse
PMW-022 Cowboy on Bucking Bronco Horse
PMW-023 Native American Indian Chief - 13
PMMS-001 Traveling Lantern
PMMS-002 Against The Grain
PMMS-003 Agate with Brass Trim
PMMS-004 Three Drunks
PMMS-005 Bowling Motif
PMMS-006 Gorham Gilted Clam Shell Motif
PMMS-007 Samson Mordan Hidden Photo
PMMS-008 Gorham Devil Motif
PMMS-009 Arabian Knight Wearing Turban
PMMS-010 Horse & Rider Jumping Fence
PMMS-011 Acid Etched Pilgrim or Dutchman
PMMS-012 Four Leaf Clover
PMMS-013 Geometric Squares with Leaves
PMMS-014 Engraved Floral Motif
PMMS-015 Diaper Pattern
PMMS-016 Bamboo and Leaves
PMMS-017 Scenic View of Town
PMMS-018 Engraved Floral Mortif
PMMS-019 Floral and Butterfly Motif
PMMS-020 Stylized "Floral" Motif
PMMS-021 Floral Motif
PMMS-022 Man Shooting Rifle
PMMS-023 Acid Etched Floral Design
PMMS-024 Border of Thistles
PMMS-025 Apple Motif
PMMS-026 Golfer Walking with Bag of Clubs
PMMS-027 Hammered Finish
PMMS-028 Horse's Head/Woman Churning Butter
PMMS-029 Applied Coins Including Box Coin
PMMS-030 Gorham with Applied Cuban Coin
PMMS-031 Morgan Dollar Coins
PMMS-032 Fish Motif
PMMS-033 Bryant & May, Marquis of Harvel
PMMS-034 Bryant & May, Marquis of Lorne
PMMS-035 Early Hard Wood Snuff Box/Match Safe
PMMS-036 Sterling Match Safe Set with Deer Teeth
PMMS-037 Flint and Vesta Combination
IMSA Commemorative Match Safes (Redirects to CONVENTION section)
1998 Chicago, Illinois - Silver and Gold
1999 Albuquerque, New Mexico - Silver and Gold
2000 London, England - Silver and Gold
2001 Washington, D.C. - Silver and Gold
2002 St. Louis, Mo. - Silver and Gold
2003 New York City, N.Y. - Silver and Gold
2004 San Jose, California - Silver and Gold
2005 Manchester, England - Silver and Gold
2006 Atlanta, Georgia - Silver
2007 Philadelphia, PA - Silver
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